Compress MP3 Audio Files

Compress MP3 audio files online for free. Reduce file size of MP3 files, just select the MP3 audio file and click the upload button.

Encrypted Connection

Our website uses a secure HTTPS (SSL) connection so you can securely upload your files.

Compress Unlimited Files

Compress as many files you need, there are no limitations on how many files you can compress.

Works via Web Browser

Works on any platform that has a web browser, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android.

No Software Installation

You don't need to install any additional software on your computer, our service is 100% cloud-based.

Uploaded Files Are Deleted

All uploaded and compressed files are automatically removed from our servers after a few hours.

Quality is Preserved

We do our best to reduce file size without quality loss and without reducing visual quality.

No Watermark Added

We guarantee you that we don't add any kind of watermark on files compressed with our service.

100% Free for Anyone

You can use our online file compressor for free, please share our website with your friends.